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The Move [Jan. 2nd, 2006|07:57 am]
I hope everyone has had a wonderful new year! I know I did :) My bro, Cait, Mary and I went to UCONN to my cousins place for his New Years party. Partied it up, woke up with a wonderful hangover. Cait was nice and drove home and then I hung out at my rents house, took a shower and then took off to go back to my place.
Its so different being on my own. For the better of course. My parents and I are already talking to each other. We aren't fighting. Mom doesn't act like a bitch to me, dad is opening up more. They helped me move in as well. It was a little rough the first night, just like it would of been if I were to move into a dorm room. I got my entire living room all set up, my bedroom is pretty much done, just waiting for my brother to come up, my bureau is in the back of his truck. Once my bureau makes its way there, the remainder of my clothes will have a home. I have my satellite hooked up but something funny is going on with the reciever, it worked and then it stopped. So I am talking to Tami, my landlord. She's awesome! No internet until next week or maybe even the week after. Lets hope its sooner than that. With no internet and no t.v., literally there is not much to do. I've been watching almost the whole season of Laguna Beach on DVD. I am now addicted to that show. So things are going good, its a nice drive out to where I am. Thorndike, Mass. . . What a name. The house is righ on the river and my bedroom and one of my living room windows looks out over the river which has these decent size rapids. It is quite loud. Tonight will be my third night in the house. I'm getting used to it slowly. It will take the rest of the week to really get used to it. I get to park my car in the garage so thats nice. No more dealing with wiping snow off the car.
I haven't really been looking for a relationship at this point. Just kind of taking a break for a while. I haven't had one in about two months, its been kind of nice. Probably will be looking for one in a little while, or I just may wait until school gets out so I can really concentrate on school this semester. I am finally going to switch my major over to massage therapy. We'll see how that goes and how much I like it. I don't see why I wouldn't like it, but you never know!
So other than what I have now posted, things have been going pretty good, but now its time to sit here at work and wait for the phone to ring. Been here since 730 and not one phone call. Its now 810. YaY.

From: a_les_etoilles
2006-01-02 09:19 pm (UTC)
glad things are going so well. if you ever need someone to test out your massage techniques. consider me willing. lol. once your get everything settled in and such i'd love to see pictures of everything.
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